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Welcome to Patty Rabbit Yarns. Our store is filled with thousands of beautiful and colorful skeins from distributors all around the world. Located in Berrien Springs, MI, owner, Patricia Paago desires to share her love of knitting and crocheting with her local community. Her passion and desire is for all who walk through the doors of the shop, may truly experience joy and creativity.

We will now be expanding our local store and making it available to our online community. At your leisure and time, you will be able to enjoy hundreds of patterns, kits, and skeins of yarn in a wide variety and spectrum of colors. Patty Rabbit Yarns supports many local businesses and hopes you will become involved in our workshops, individual and group classes, and community events as this is one of Patricia’s core values. Her desire is to share her knowledge and skills of knitting and crocheting to instill the same passion in others.